Valentine’s Daisy

ceriandhollyDaisy’s Jukebox head for the very intimate pleasures of the Prince of Wales on Thursday 13th January (tube strike permitting). Daisy and the Prince are now something of an item: they love us, we adore them… it’s a marriage made in heaven. (And all the more  so on the day before St. Valentine’s,  of course.)

Unfortunately, for unavoidable reasons, Daisy’s Jukebox will not now be appearing at the Prince of Wales on Thursday 13th. We hope to be back soon, however!

On February 22nd, the band are off to deepest Kensington and Chelsea for a spot at the very exclusive Copthorne Tara Hotel. There will be music, there will be dancing and all in all, we’re looking forwards to it very much. But, dear fan of all things Daisy, please be aware that this a private dinner-dance function and you simply won’t get in without an official invite. We’re vey sorry about that, and we’ll make up for it just as soon as we can!


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