Valentine’s Daisy

ceriandhollyDaisy’s Jukebox head for the very intimate pleasures of the Prince of Wales on Thursday 13th January (tube strike permitting). Daisy and the Prince are now something of an item: they love us, we adore them… it’s a marriage made in heaven. (And all the more  so on the day before St. Valentine’s,  of course.)

Unfortunately, for unavoidable reasons, Daisy’s Jukebox will not now be appearing at the Prince of Wales on Thursday 13th. We hope to be back soon, however!

On February 22nd, the band are off to deepest Kensington and Chelsea for a spot at the very exclusive Copthorne Tara Hotel. There will be music, there will be dancing and all in all, we’re looking forwards to it very much. But, dear fan of all things Daisy, please be aware that this a private dinner-dance function and you simply won’t get in without an official invite. We’re vey sorry about that, and we’ll make up for it just as soon as we can!


Daisy and the Prince of Wales

Yosi: Secondo, August 2012
Yosi Marshall: keys and sax

Many, many thanks to everyone who turned out to see Daisy’s Jukebox do their passionately musical thing last weekend. Though we say so ourselves, Daisy’s debut at The Round Georges in Brighton seemed to go down rather well. Some great new tunes, several encores and some spirited dancing in the street can’t be bad, can it? And as for the Catherine Wheel, Bibury… well, what can we possibly say? Great crowd! You clearly love us as much as we love you and we look forward to doing it all again sometime soon. In the meantime, Daisy’s Jukebox are delighted to be back in Brighton this week, returning to the small, but perfectly formed Prince of Wales on Thursday 3rd October for another evening of cool soul jazz. Do be there if you can: there will be jazz, there will be soul and it will be.. erm.. cool.

Daisy goes back on the road…

Time for tea....
Time for tea….

Following a well-deserved Summer break (and what a Summer that was) Daisy’s Jukebox are back for the start of the Autumn season with some terrific new tunes and some fabulous old favourites. Friday 20th September sees the band make its first and much anticipated appearance at the splendid Round Georges pub in coolest Kemptown, Brighton.  And on Saturday 21st, the Jukebox is off once more to the impossibly picturesque Costwold village of Bibury for another evening of irresistible music at the ever-wonderful Catherine Wheel. The band are looking forward very much to performing their unique brand of ‘cool soul jazz’ for your delight and would be thrilled to see you if you can make it. So please do drop by if you can: Brighton or Bibury, performances start from around 8pm onwards.

Daisy’s Brighton Adventure

Ceri Wood
Ceri Wood

Daisy’s Jukebox makes its Brighton debut on June 13th with a long-awaited, and intimate appearance at the Prince of Wales on Churchill Square. Following recent sightings in London, and as far afield as Gloucestershire, the band has taken its time getting down to the city by the sea. True, The Jukebox made a special trip to record at Vi-Vid Studios (formerly, Dr Scardo’s)  in Hanover at the end of last year. And true too that half of the band — in the form of the rhythm section — is based in the city. Heck, even the band’s rehearsal space of choice is  Brighton Electric Studios, on the Lewes Road.

All in all then, it really is about time that Daisy’s Jukebox put in a public appearance. So make sure to note the time and place: Daisy’s Jukebox, Thursday June 13th, 7.30pm at the Prince of Wales, Brighton